Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps

Join us at Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps!

I’ve created a free Facebook group where you and I – plus many other like-minded spirits – get to interact, talk, share and play: Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps. Or y’know, ESP for short. 😉

Coz I’m an Aussie, and we like to abbreviate EVERYTHING (just don’t call me Robbo, m’kay?).

What it’s all about…

I’ve been getting VERY strong and clear messages for some time now, that hey… we’ve gotta do something about the popular opinion of what it means to be “sensitive” in our culture.

Because actually

Sensitivity is NORMAL

Oh yes it is! All human beings are born wide open, connected and sensitive to both the seen and unseen worlds.

But most of us have been told (many times over!) that we shouldn’t be so sensitive/emotional etc. It somehow became the “norm” to think this way…

Most of us were still kids we got the message that it isn’t safe to be so Sensitive. So, we eventually shut our Sensitivity down. Years later, if the circumstances are right, we get to make contact with our Sensitivity again, as adults.

But it can be a bit of a challenging road back to being openly Sensitive and feeling all good with that, right?

Being sensitive in this world?

It’s a good thing. A normal and natural thing.

And being cut off from our sensitivity?

Means being cut off from an essential part of who we are.

For me, being Sensitive means

  • Listening to my intuition
  • Understanding what conditions I thrive in, and making sure I support myself
  • LOTS of self-care
  • Honouring my emotions
  • Ensuring I hang out with others who are just like me
  • And y’know, talking with angels, spirit guides, working with oracle cards, crystals and meditating. Just for starters!

I’ve actually been Sensitive most of my life

Like many others, I shut my Sensitivity down when I was younger because I lived in a world where it didn’t feel safe to be so wide open.

But luckily, it never really went away!

I’d a strong interest in spiritual things from my mid-teens onwards, which was fueled by pursuing activities like belly-dancing, pagan social groups, and then yoga. Eventually I discovered Kinesiology and I loved it SOOO much that I trained as a Kinesiologist (obvs).

And actually, it was my first year of Kinesiology studies where the floodgates to my Sensitivity flew WIDE OPEN. Helloooo….

At first it was disorienting

I didn’t know for a while what was going on. And really, it felt like I was in both Kinesiology school, and Spiritual Sensitivity School. It was pretty wild for a while there.

And to be honest, I’m finding that the journey is ongoing. As in, the more I embrace my Sensitivity, the more interesting life gets. The psychic openings keep on coming!

What I needed were more people to talk to, who’d been through the same thing and/or were going through similar things. I found a few of those, and that made a big difference in creating stability and confidence.

That led to an idea…

What I really want to do is to share the path of awakening to Sensitivity more widely.

To help other “in the closet” Sensitives – and there are many, both men and women – to step out and let their freak flag fly. Right?!

And so, I created the “Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps (ESP)”.

For folks just like you and me.

No matter where you are on your journey with accepting and exploring your Sensitivity, this group is for you.

Especially if:

  • You’ve ever been told that you’re too sensitive, too emotional, too dramatic or that you take things too personally!
  • You sometimes feel strong emotions that don’t seem to feel like they belong to you
  • From time to time you wonder if you’re psychic, and you’ve had a few “spooky” encounters!
  • You’d like to find others to talk to who understand what you’re going through

Wanna hang out with like-minded folks?

It’s a Facebook group, and it’s free to join.

Join the Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps Social on Facebook!

I post regular content to explore topics around Sensitivity, and offer tips and viddies that’ll support you to feel more calm, confident and safe as a Sensitive Peep in this world.

We have theme days to help you come up with ideas to share with the group, and we run two free distance healing sessions every week.

Our theme days are:

  • ‪#‎inspiredMoonday – Share with us your inspired insights and “ah-ha” moments. Those ones where things suddenly make sense in a way they never did before. Big or small, it doesn’t matter.
  • #inserviceTuesday – The ONLY day for promos AS LONG AS you’re a contributing member of the group on other days. Can also include free offers, links to your blog posts etc.
  • #‎mindfulandkindWednesday‬ – Share the positive changes you’re trying to make in your life. This is your opportunity to gain some mindful and kind support to stay on track! If you’d like accountability, let us know.  If you’re offering support – no fixing or trying to sell your services to people, thank you.
  • ‪#‎iamlightThursday‬ – Thursday nights at 10pm (Melbourne time), I’ll be doing a white light transmission for whoever wants in. To opt in, comment on the official post and share whatever you’d like healing or help with. No fixing, no advising from anyone on your posts is allowed!
  • ‪#‎spookyFriday‬ – A teach and learn opportunity. Teach: For anyone in the group who’d like to share spiritual learnings/knowledge they feel comfortable sharing with the group. Learn: Ask your burning questions on any spiritual/sensitive topic you’ve got!
  • ‪#‎sacredSaturday‬ – Tell us about YOU. Could be a story, current conundrum or selfie with some info about you. How are you taking care of yourself this week? Can be self-care, fun, health and healing inspiration, too.
  • ‪#‎crystalcircleSunday‬ – Another free healing opportunity. Maryanne runs a crystal healing circle on Sunday nights at 10pm (Melbourne time). To opt in, comment on the official post and share whatever you’d like healing or help with (can be the same thing as Thursday’s if you like) to be added to the circle. No fixing, no advising from anyone on your posts is allowed!

Roving hashtags:

  • ‪#‎helpanyday‬ – if you’d like to ask the group for help
  • ‪#‎showusyourcrystals – if you want to share some of your crystal babies 😉
  • ‪#‎bookclub‬ – if you’d like to share a book with the group

See you there, m’loves!

Amanda x

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