Soul Freedom: It’s like… Personal Training
for your Wellbeing

Soul Freedom = Focussed Positive Change 100% Concentrate

Kinesiology + Yoga + { Spiritual } Coaching. BOOM!

with Amanda Roberts

  • Want to train not just your body, but your mind, heart and soul?
  • Powerfully re-program old habits right out of your life?
  • Super-charge the momentum of your life plans, goals & dreams?

Amanda Roberts - a Melbourne-based Kinesiologist & Yoga Teacher

Coz your heart’s just not in it any more. There’s somewhere else you’re meant to be…

D’you ever feel like life doesn’t quite fit who you are anymore?

That where you’re going OR what you’re doing feels a little… off?

Even if on the surface, life looks successful. Even if you’re earning plenty of moolah.

Kind of like the way you put on a jacket that used to be comfy and yet… now it just doesn’t sit right.

The style and length are no longer flattering.

You’ve been wearing it for so long, and you’re not sure how to give it up. 
BUT you know it’s time. Right?

Okay then! Hey you…

Perhaps you’d like a career change. Or a sea change. To write a book. Or get your dream job. Or move countries. Or have an Adventure.

OR (and this is a BIG one!)…

Discover your life purpose!

Yeah YOU. And you, and you and YOU!

All of us. We each came to this planet with a mission. (Note: It’s not always a career or vocation!)

Something we need to be doing, only we got a little distracted along the way.

HINT: It’s usually something that makes your heart sing and your whole being light up.

Of course, this change you’re looking for doesn’t *have* to be a major career overhaul. Nor does it have to be a change that rocks your world to the core.

But it *is* a change that’ll make your whole being feel more ALIVE.

Regardless… it can be scary to go with your heart. ‘Specially if you’ve never taken the leap before.

It requires vulnerability, openness, and willingness to accept change and everything that comes with it.

I know, you’re already Pretty Awesome At Life

Don’t get me wrong. I know you’re brilliant. Successful. Amazing.

You’ve tasted plenty of success in this life. I hear that.

It's just that when you got the Things You Thought Would Make You Happy you found you were still looking around for...what?

So you kept on searching. Learning. Achieving new things.

Maybe you’ve got an idea of where you’re meant to be going. Or maybe not.

Either way, you know that the time has come: It’s no longer enough to dream about what you want.

It’s time to step on the path…

Soul Freedom is tailor-made for people just like YOU

I’m THRILLED you’re here, on the verge of bringing Change and Awesomeness into your life.

And I know exactly what that feels like because I’ve been there, too.

It can be a little exciting, if scary. Overwhelming yet freeing. And overall? Bloody AMAZING. Right?!

If that’s where you are right now, then come along. Let’s talk….

What’s it all about?

Soul Freedom is a unique blend of Kinesiology + Yoga and
{ spiritual } coaching that’s designed to help you shift gears and step into a new future, on all levels of your Being.

To help you learn techniques and skills you can use personally, any time you like. Including physical yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques.

Basically, Yoga gives you practical tools to strengthen and open your body, and develop awareness that creates more mastery in your day-to-day life.

This part is about you literally and metaphorically stepping into the change you’re looking for!

For the stuff that’s a little tricky-to-get on your own. Hidden issues that can be holding you back without you even knowing they’re active.

I’m talking about sabotage programs, emotions and experiences that are trapped in your energy body and that zap your conviction, confidence and clarity.

Spiritual Coaching
To bring it all together, and hold the space for you as you take one step, then the next.

And ensure you maintain accountability for the things you’ve committed to doing as part of your Soul Freedom work!

All of this together in a single package = Soul Freedom

With the aim of bringing focus and commitment to Serious Positive Change in your life.

Coz Soul Freedom is all about supporting you in how to change direction towards any dream or goal you’ve got that’s aligned with your life purpose.

Sound good? Wanna know more?

The Soul Freedom Package
A series of 3x sessions over 2 months, that’ll include:

  • Kinesiology and yoga sessions and LOTS of listening to you…
  • Shining a light on what you really want AND how you want your life to be different.
  • Setting a clear goal (and some mini-goals along the way) for each Soul Freedom session.
  • Clearing any hidden stories or sabotage patterns that might be getting in your way!
  • Between-session homework: actionable and doable tasks that’ll help move you towards your goals.
  • Email and phone access to me for the duration of your package.

Your investment


Or 3x payments of $300 each, due at the time of each session

Wanna get started? Yeah?

To book in for a free 15 minute chat and/or schedule your first sessions:
Email or phone 0411 092 342.

Who is Soul Freedom for?

Soul Freedom sessions are for those who want change with every cell of their being, and want the right support to gently but powerfully birth that change into being.

I’m talking Serious Players, Only

Those who are willing to turn up and do whatever it takes.

To stare down their Fear Monsters and keep taking action (with loving support, of course).

How many Soul Freedom packages will I need?

Depending on where you’re at, a single 3-session package might be all you need.

OR you might choose to work with Soul Freedom packages periodically. As a check-in/tune up along your path.

OR you could be at the very beginning of where you’re heading: You’re intuitive enough to know Soul Freedom is what you need BUT you’re just getting started. Which is cool, too.

So you might like to string two or three Soul Freedom packages together.

What will we work on?

You can work on any area of your life where you’d like an intense focus on change:

  • Bringing you closer to your life path and heart’s desire.
  • Your health, your business, making a life/career change… and so on.
  • Maybe you’d like to write a book? Move overseas? Start your own business? Re-program your eating and exercise habits?

As long as your goals are focused on your Self (not others), get creative. Dream big!

You don’t have to remain a “wannabe” when it comes to what you really want to be doing with your life

What will each session include?

Ready to sign up?

To book in for a free 15 minute chat and/or schedule your first sessions:

Email or phone 0411 092 342.

Why you want this

In your heart you 100% know the modern-day prescription of life just ain’t working for you.

You’ve given it a red-hot go and yet… it leaves you feeling flat and uninspired.

Maybe you’ve got some ideas of what you want to do or which direction you’d like your life to move in… or maybe not.

But the thing you know without a shadow of a doubt is that despite all of this, change is a MUST.

You’re ready for it. You want it. But it still feels intangible.

And this is what Soul Freedom is gonna deliver: the change you’re looking for, baby!

Why you’ll want to work with me

I know what it is to have a Big Scary Dream. To try to make it work and fear that I’m going to fall flat on my butt in the process.

And I also know how very helpful it is to have the right person by your side, guiding you to keep going and helping you find a way through your fears and doubts.

I know what that’s like because I’ve been there, too.

Also, in me you get both a Yoga Teacher, a Kinesiologist and your very own personal cheerleader.

‘Cept I’m the kind of cheerleader who isn’t gonna pander to your fears, but help you kick them out of your life!

You want to work with me because I believe that what you want in your heart of hearts IS possible. And I’d LOVE to be there to help you make it happen.

My game plan?

One gorgeous Soul at a time: my intent is to help Mother Earth’s inhabitants remember who we really are, as a part of this Big Beautiful Universe.

I’m here to hold space to help people re-discover their life path and purpose.
Contribute towards a more loving, kind and compassionate world.
I’m passionate about raising up the vision we have of our Selves.
And elevating the value we place on our time and what we do with it.
Integrity. Action.
Bringing Awesomeness Into The World.

Your job?

Is to be The Best Version of You Possible.
Heart-felt dreams and all.

I’ve gotta ask you this…

Is The Best Version of You constantly in self-criticism mode?

Putting your Self down? Giving your Self a hard time over pretty much everything?

Is The Best Version of You telling you that you’ll never succeed so there’s no point trying?

I didn’t think so.

OR is The Best Version of You…

  • Totally loving and accepting of your Self?
  • Able to see with clarity your strength, power and brilliance?
  • Stepping forward for challenges and lessons in life that inspire you?

And wouldn’t it be awesome if in the process, you were aligned heart and soul with whatever makes you light up like a Christmas tree?

My job?

To help you bring your INNER KNOWING into the light.

We’re on this journey of awakening, together.
You and me.

And, using a range of truly awesome and powerful Kinesiology protocols and Yogic techniques, together we’ll walk you through this transition and into a new phase of awareness in your life.

Your investment


Or 3x payments of $300 each, due at the time of each session

Ready to commit to your own potential?

To book in for a free 15 minute chat and/or schedule your first sessions:
Email or phone 0411 092 342.

Soul Freedom is for you if…

  1. You’ve been saying/shouting YES! as you’ve been reading this page.
  2. You can’t think of a single reason to wait any longer to bring positive change into your life.
  3. You’ve got a dream. You know what it looks like. How you want to feel when you make it happen. And you’re ready to get started.

Soul Freedom is NOT for you if…

  • You’re perfectly happy with where your life is at. Excellent!
  • You DO want change, but you don’t have the time to commit to your Self 100%. Soul Freedom is serious business, y’all!
  • There’s no niggling “what if’s” or “I’d really like to’s” lurking in the shadows. Phew!
  • Life’s a whirlwind right now. Lovely Souls: you’ve gotta feel ready and be steady for new change to come in. So that it feels powerful, not out of control.

It all sounds good, but…

I don’t know anything about Kinesiology and/or I’ve never done yoga!

You’re in good hands, lovely. It doesn’t matter if you’re into yoga or not, nor if you’ve ever worked with a Kinesiologist before.

We can schedule a free 15 minute Skype or phone chat so you can ask whatever questions you’ve got.