The Being Sensitive 101 program

Program dates

Monday 5th October–Sunday 8th November

Doors to the course are now closed!

Are you an empath or highly sensitive person?

You MIGHT be if...
  • You've often been told that you're just too sensitive? Too emotional?
  • You find it draining or exhausting to be in large crowds
  • You're a people pleaser, always putting other’s needs before your own
  • The world feels really overwhelming sometimes
  • You find that you just know things about people you wish you didn't?
  • It's tricky to stop feeling all the feels of the world?

Does being sensitive sometimes feel like a burden?

The Being Sensitive 101 online program might be just what you've been looking for.
Doors to the course are now closed!
There’s a LOT we don’t get taught about being a human being!AMBHA AMANDA ROBERTS

What's in the program?

  • Module 1: Understanding the empath nature

    Signs & symptoms of being an untrained empath, ways we leak energy, surrogating, the empath/narcissist connection, learning to call yourself back to yourself and more!

  • Module 2: Why is Being Sensitive even a Thing?

    Our birthright as human beings, the vastness of our energy body, intro to the meridian system and mirror neurons, the possibility of our human potential.

  • Module 3: The role of underlying trauma in Being Sensitive

    Being Sensitive as a defence mechanism, the impact of unhealed trauma, the value of working through your trauma triggers for your spiritual growth.

  • Module 4: Boundaries and grounding

    Boundary over-stepping (yours and others), learning to speak up safely, energetic boundaries, learning to notice when you're ungrounded, and more.

  • Module 5: Empowerment vs disempowerment

    What does it mean to be disempowered? Living in shit ocean. What does your energy feel like vs others? Learning to close the channel.

  • Module 6: Being Sensitive and the spiritual path

    Awakening to your essential nature. Where to begin. Where’s it all leading to? Developing discernment & self-trust. Inner wisdom vs external wisdom. Spiritual teacher red flags.

  • Module 7: A practical action plan

    Step 1: Knowing your own energy. Step 2: Taking responsibility for yourself. Step 3: Awareness of red flag days.


Early bird rate until 30th September: $450

(Use the promo code: BSENS101)

Full price from 28th September onwards: $550

Payment plans available on request.

Doors to the course are now closed!

How the program will be delivered

  • 7 modules delivered over 5 weeks
  • Audio/video recordings emailed to you each Monday
  • Each class will take approximately 1 hour to watch
  • Meditation practices will be 5-15 minutes – do them as often as you like
  • There will be a private Facebook group for you to share your thoughts and experiences
  • A mid-week check-in
  • A weekly Facebook Live Q&A in our Facebook group to discuss each lesson
  • Meditation recordings to download
  • Downloadable memes to support your learning
  • Support during the course via the Facebook group

What you’ll learn

  • Lessons I’ve learned myself the hard way over many years!
  • Skills to become more empowered and in control as an empath
  • Information and techniques to develop your awareness of your energy body, and how to manage it
  • How to use meditation to support your mastery of being sensitive
  • Acupressure techniques
  • How to close the channel and stop feeling everyone else’s stuff all the time!

Why learn about this stuff?

  • The world is changing!
  • What we need to understand about ourselves is changing, too
  • Younger generations ARE super-sensitive
  • We can help our kids by learning these skills for ourselves
  • The more in-tune we are with our sensitivity, the more empowered we’ll be

Being Sensitive 101 has been years in the making!

It includes all the lessons I've learned the hard way about manging my energy as an empath and how to NOT feel overwhelmed every day by the world around me.

Something I realised very early in my career as a Kinesiologist is that many of my clients were also highly sensitive people (aka empaths), just like me.

The main reason for this is perhaps not what you might think. I DON'T believe I just happened to attract so many empaths just because I'm one, too!

It's far more interesting than that.

From what I've observed, being sensitive is our birthright as human beings

Everyone has the capacity for being an empath, even if they aren't open to their sensitivity.

All children are highly sensitive, but because we don't teach them being sensitive is important or valuable, many of them simply shut down that connection. For some people, it stays closed.

For others... well, it either never really shut down properly or their sensitivity has bubbled back to the surface later in life.

Personally, my sensitivity never really went away

Then in the first year of my Kinesiology studies, I experieced a massive psychic opening.

I've been learning ever since how to live with being VERY highly sensitive in a world that doesn't cater to that, and even sees being sensitive as a weakness.

As such, I have lots of information and many techniques to share, that can help you gain awareness of your energy body. So that you can more easily work out what's yours and what isn't, and learn to "roll down the shutters" as I call it.

This program is for...

  • Those who know they’re an empath or highly sensitive, but feel like their sensitivity isn’t in their control
  • Those who suspect they might be an empath/highly sensitive
  • Anyone who’s interested in the spiritual path but doesn’t know where to begin
  • Those who want to know more about our natural state as human beings
  • Those who’d like to gain skills to manage being sensitive so they don’t feel overwhelmed by the world around them all of the time!

This program ISN’T for you if…

  • You already feel well-resourced to work with your energy body
  • You don’t need any assistance managing your sensitivity
  • You’re well along your spiritual path and you’re fine with where you’re at
  • You’re not interested in the topics of energy, spirituality and connecting with your inner self and higher self
Ambha Amanda Roberts

Hosted by Ambha Amanda Roberts

A highly sensitive person and empath, Ambha Amanda is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive healer, and Liquid Crystals practitioner based in Melbourne, Australia. She has been teaching her clients how to manage being sensitive for many years. She is the founder of Return to Source Wellbeing, a long-time spiritual aspirant, and is also currently writing a children's book.