Dear current (and prospective) clients

I’m writing this to you with love and compassion because… I want us to have awesome times together in Kinesiology!

The best way for us to do that is to maintain a No Pedestals Policy in our professional relationship.

Here’s the deal: I aim to be my absolute best self at all times

Which means I’m always looking within to make sure I’m delivering my work from a place of honesty and openness.

And I’m always striving to reveal the truth to myself in my life and be open to change and growth. Which sometimes means owning up to stuff I’m not terribly happy owning up to.

BUT. The work I do is all about personal evolution and growth.

I can’t expect y’all to be on the bandwagon unless I am, too. Right? Right!

So I do my very best to offer my services to you from that place.

Hand on heart.

However, I’m far-from-perfect…

Just like you, I’m a human being. Prone to the odd f#ckup here and there.

I also: swear, eat meat, drink coffee and occasionally have a glass of red. I like motorbikes and tattoos, too.

When I f#ckup in some way, I choose to see it as an opportunity to learn whatever lesson is being offered. These moments are learning tools, y’all!

At such times I totally call myself on my own B.S.: reflect, meditate, get on my yoga mat, have a kinesiology balance and/or journal about it.

Or all of the above.

See, I wanna get to the bottom of whatever seems to be going on, not pretend that my s*#t don’t smell!

I want you to know all of this because…

I never want you to put me on a pedestal. Ever.

Yep. Sometimes what happens in a Kinesiology session is Beyond Words.

I totally get that because I have those experiences, too.

In fact, it’s kinda why I do what I do.

Sure, it can feel incredibly magical. Mystical, even. Sometimes, wayyyy out of this world.

And it’s natural to look to the person whose been guiding you…as Someone Special.

One of my teachers likes to say “Well, either we’re all special, or none of us are”. Truth!

I’m not any more mystical or spiritual than you are…

It’s just that I’ve a calling in the energy work and teaching arenas, and I’m following that calling with all my heart.

I’ve made this my career because I believe very deeply in this work.

But that doesn’t make me a realised being. Not yet! 😉

So please, no pedestals for me.

Also, that magic you’re feeling? It’s YOUR magic, not mine.

That’s right.

What you’re experiencing in healing work is yours.

Your work. Your magic. Your awesomeness.

It’s important for you as my student or client to remember that.


My spare time isn’t spent riding rainbow sparkle unicorns



Not that I’ve got anything against rainbow sparkle unicorns.

I think they’re rather glorious.

But the truth is, I don’t have all the answers in the Universe.

I promise, however, to do my darndest to help YOU figure out what you need to know via the totally awesome tools at my disposal.

The key to Kinesiology and healing is…YOU

With Kinesiology, YOU’RE actually the one doing the figuring out. I’m just facilitating and holding the space for you.

Isn’t the knowledge that YOU’RE in the driver’s seat wayyyy more empowering than assuming someone else is?

Especially when it comes to your own life?

Sure, because I’m an empath sometimes the Universe gives me messages on your behalf, but my intention is to always for you to work it out for yourself.

So, please don’t give your power away to me or anyone else

Coz one way we give our power to others is via habitual patterns, such as assuming someone else can “fix you”.

We can totally clear such patterns via kinesiology, btw! 🙂

Do yourself a favor and acknowledge the work you’re doing to change your life.

That way, you help yourself AND you help me by keeping those pedestals at bay!

We’re all on this Journey of Life together and if you choose to work with me in yoga and/or kinesiology, then you’re already on the way to owning your own power.

So hang on to it, okay?

Sound like a deal?

Yes? Brilliant! Now that’s clear…I look forward to working with you in the near future.

Lots of love to you,

Ambha Amanda x

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