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I wanted support to get to the heart of the blocks I felt were holding me back on my journey to start a business, and find solutions to break through those blocks. I love that Amanda always calls me out on my “stories” and helps me to see what’s really going on. And she does this all from a space of genuine love and kindness.

Working with Amanda has really helped me to understand myself better, to understand how I tend to self sabotage things, and given me mechanisms for getting past these behaviors to take the next steps forward in my business and life.

Amanda really does have amazing super powers at being able to get right to the heart of what’s going on. I am always amazed at even though we’re in different countries chatting via Zoom that she just knows exactly what is going on for me, without me even having to explain. As she always reminds me, time and space aren’t really a thing.

Laura Dick
Laura Dick
Systems Expert Laura in Order

When I decided to work with Amanda, I was feeling disconnected from myself – drained, exhausted and somehow missing an elusive ‘something’ I couldn’t quite put my finger on. So I went in open to what would come – no pre-conceived ideas because I truly didn’t know what to expect! I just wanted something to shift and knew Amanda was the person to help me.

I truly value Amanda’s authenticity. She is a true healer who does it ‘her way.’ Her way is compassionate and full of a deep understanding. I felt very safely ‘held’ in Amanda’s space, to explore what came up.  My biggest ‘aha’ in working with Amanda has been developing a greater appreciation of my own depth and how layered ‘issues’ can be. She has opened me up to exploring possibilities that may have gone unnoticed prior and has helped me shift uncomfortable feelings and feel more supported by things far bigger than my own physical container.

Thank you, Amanda, for being so authentically you: a beautiful healer who is humble, powerful and real.

Erica Webb
Erica Webb
Yoga Teacher, Artist, Illustrator Erica Webb

I was looking for some help and guidance when going through a difficult phase of my life. I also wanted to deal with past family issues.

My sessions gave me clarity on some very difficult issues that had seriously impacted on my life for many years. Amanda helped me come to terms with many aspects and helped me move forward with my life. Amanda is so amazingly gifted in her field, I truly came away feeling as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and that I had been ‘cleansed’ so to speak.

I now have a much more positive outlook on life and feel more able to cope with many things. I felt ready to move forward with my life.

Please go and see Amanda. She may be able to help you look at life in a more rewarding way and unblock the challenges that may be holding you back from enjoying life more fully.

Jane W.

I watched Amanda from afar online before taking the plunge. Having never met a kinesiologist before, and never experienced this form of healing I was intrigued, curious and a little nervous.

One session online, and I was hooked. Amanda figured me out in about 10 minutes. Her energy is calming, and she has found pressures that I wasn’t even aware that I was carrying.

I ALWAYS feel happier, lighter and at peace with my body and myself after I finish a session with Amanda.

Amanda doesn’t clock off when your allocated time is complete. She finishes when she has reduced or eliminated the trauma or stress you are experiencing.

Trying to articulate what Amanda does is difficult to if you’ve never experienced kinesiology.

I always use this explanation…
Several hours before singing in a major performance onstage in 2016, I saw Amanda. I was stressed, tired, worried about home issues and concerned my energy would be poor. I really wanted to cancel. I felt old.

After seeing her I floated on stage, enjoying the spectacle, feeling completely at peace, appreciating the moment and flow of the evening and singing my heart out. Without her healing, I would have missed one of the greatest moments of my 40’s.

Paula Cutler
Singing Teacher

My journey with Amanda which started almost 2 years ago now has been transformational. She’s been a guide, mentor, confidante providing a safe place for me to come into my being. I am ever grateful for having met her and my sessions with her are always nurturing, loving, safe , amusing and fun. Thank you 🙂

Jasmine L.

I consider myself one lucky duck that I crossed paths with Amanda! Initially, I was seeking assistance with health issues that the mainstream medical profession were not able to address adequately (the “medicate and forget” scenario). However, my sessions with Amanda quickly became so much more! Amanda listens with compassion and uses her extensive skill set to uncover and resolve underlying issues which cause difficulties in my day-to-day life. Amanda has so many superpowers, but my favourite by far is her ability to offer encouragement, empowerment and provide tools which allow me to take control of my own physical and spiritual health. I have been feeling better, and learning how to stand in my power. It is AMAZING! Thank you, Gorgeous woman!

Jayne Traeger-Bliss of Gingerdoll Studio
Jayne Traeger-Bliss
Jewelry Maker & Artist Gingerdoll Studio

After moving house, our 2 year old started having some serious issues with sleeping that were impacting our entire family. I contacted Amanda to see if she could help with the underlying and deeper cause. Within the session Amanda was able to not only identify what was going in, provide us with solutions and remedies but also really understood our son and his responses. She is a phenomenal intuitive and a gifted healer whom I cannot recommend enough.

Helena Ryan - Ancestral Clearer
Helena Ryan
Ancestral Lines Healer Helena Ryan

Hi amanda!! I’m just stopping in to say thank you once again for an incredible Skype session.

There aren’t even words for how much that has helped me to clear my blocks and understand things with more clarity so that I can move forward. thank you for shining your light in this world! =)

Karen Gunton
#lighthouserevolution leader Karen Gunton

I love kinesiology, and I love working with lots of different kinesiologists because they all have such different, gorgeous qualities. Amanda is amazing.

Not only have my knees been pain free ever since our session, I keep having these flashes of things she mentioned come up for me, and I know EXACTLY what to do.

It’s definitely out there, and Amanda has definitely found her ZONE… holy moly just do yourself a favour and get a session with Amanda as soon as possible. BEAUTIFUL.

Tash Corbin
Business Coach and Mentor for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs Tash Corbin Inc

“So a few days later, I am still feeling “different” and I am so so grateful to you! I feel like it’s too soon to say it was the best day of my life but something has changed profoundly.
Immediately afterwards I was going to go home but took public transport to the city instead to meet a friend (on a busy Friday night!) I felt like I was glowing a little, haha. Without having to try I felt safer and I kept smiling at people instead of desperately trying to avoid them.
I felt so relieved, I felt lighter like I’d “dropped my bags of stuff” smile emoticon and my posture was better, I used to have to remind myself not to slouch my shoulders inwards. The feelings of desperation and shame were gone and I felt so much hope – the world felt like a playground instead of a tornado.
I’ve experienced such a profound shift in awareness that I’m still coming to understand it and try to not fall back into old habits. I’ve noticed it’s a bit easier to express myself now, my inner truth comes out more sincerely, I used to be frustrated that my words and tone etc always came out wrong.
I’ve also calmly and reasonably stood up for myself a couple of times which is huge! I used to be so overwhelmed by emotions that I couldn’t do that or did it badly.
So yeah, everything has changed and I’m trying to maintain it and I’ve gone from being a skeptic to, not even a believer but, an ‘experiencer’.
Apart from the incredible change in how I feel it was also a huge relief to feel so understood and accepted by you, thank you thank you for your compassion and for creating a safe space to talk about things so many people must be secretly experiencing.”

Julia M.

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