Namaste, Greetings, Welcome…

You are very VERY welcome here!

I’m Amanda Roberts, a holistic Kinesiologist and Yoga teacher based in Melbourne, Australia.

Both Kinesiology and Yoga are my calling and big juicy passion! Seriously. I can’t tell you how much I LOVE them.

Kinesiology and Yoga are highly complimentary fields, and I get so much joy out of sharing them so you too, can learn to tap in to the Source of your own power.

Yep, I’m talking to you, gorgeous souls!

My services

I offer one-on-one Kinesiology sessions as well as public, private and corporate Yoga classes.

The third string to my bow? I help entrepreneurs and small business owners set up their online presence as a digital consultant.

What can I say? I love a bit of variety!

My main goal as a kinesiologist and yoga teacher is: Empowering you to become Strong and Free: Body, Mind and Spirit

I help you to do this by facilitating your healing/self-awareness journey with Yoga and Kinesiology.

  • Yoga: to connect you to your body and breath, and to build physical strength and openness.
  • Kinesiology: to explore what’s needed to find emotional, physical and energetic freedom from whatever might be keeping you in a holding pattern you’d love to escape.

Some quick FAQs!

What is Kinesiology, I hear you ask?

I’ve written an explanation of Kinesiology for you over here –>

What sort of Yoga do you teach?

Read all about my teaching style over here –>

What does Return to Source mean?

Great question! I wrote a blog post about it over here –>

Got more questions?

Check out my Kinesiology FAQs, Yoga FAQs or contact me.

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How would you like to live?

When I ask people if, 20 years from now, they want to be dealing with the same “stuff” that currently holds them back, the answer is usually a very passionate NO WAY!

Imagine you’ve reached the last year of your life…

  • What do you want to be able to say about your life adventures?
  • What habits or patterns in your life would you want to be able to say no longer overwhelm you?

If you’re ready to investigate areas of your life where you’d like to create change: I invite you to Return to Source!

I promise that you’ll be so grateful you did.

Both kinesiology and yoga have been – and continue to be – very powerful sources of healing in my life, as well as a opportunities to gain inner wisdom, happiness and freedom.

It’s such a blessing and a joy for me to be able to offer this work to others.

Wishing you happiness and love, and the desire to find healing and peace. I look forward to seeing you sometime soon.

Amanda x
P.S. If you’ve read all of this, then you’re probably feeling that yoga and/or kinesiology are for you! 

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