This is video 5 in my Liquid Crystals video series

The purpose of this series is to answer frequently asked questions from my clients, and for anyone else who is interested in working with The Liquid Crystals.

In this video, I answer the questions: What happens if I’m having a really big response to one of the crystals OR what do I if I think they aren’t doing anything for me?

Yes, sometimes it’s possible to have a strong emotional or even physical reaction to taking The Liquid Crystals. Usually they are very gentle, but occasionally you might find yourself having a healing crisis.

On the flip-side, you might feel like they’re doing nothing at all.

So what do you do in both cases?

The simple answer is: keep on taking them and get in touch with your practitioner for a chat!

I include Liquid Crystals consults in Kinesiology sessions or offer stand-alone consults if you’d simply like a Liquid Crystal remedy.

You can read more about The Liquid Crystals over here.

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