Meridians, elements, seasons and emotions

Things have been a little hectic for the last few weeks so my #meridianmonday posts were on pause.

But I’m back, baby! With a new installment… talking about meridians, elements, seasons and emotions.

As I’ve mentioned, there are layers and layers of meanings and associations within five element theory.

A summary from previous posts…

  1. Each meridian has a two hour window in which it’s the most active, associated with our 24 hour day
  2. The twelve main meridians are paired (yin/feminine and yang/masculine pairings)
  3. There are two sets of fire elements, related to the fiery aspects of our physiology
  4. We can use the meridian map to investigate aches and issues within the body
  5. Start and end points for each meridian move in flow with their connection to each other

Meridians are associated with one of the five elements

These associations came from observing the natural world and our relationship to nature, internally and externally.

The element/meridian associations are:

  • Wood: Gall Bladder, Liver
  • Fire: Heart, Small Intestine, Pericardium, Triple Heater
  • Earth: Stomach, Spleen
  • Metal: Large Intestine, Lung
  • Water: Bladder, Kidney

The seasonal/element associations are:

  • Wood/Spring
  • Fire/Summer
  • Earth/Late Summer
  • Metal/Autumn Water/Winter

Also connected to each meridian and element are a range of positive and negative emotions (they come in pairs).

If you consider the qualities of each element and the related emotions, as well as the job each organ/body function does, the related emotions begin to make sense!

Next post, I’ll start to go into more detail about the connections between the elements, seasons and meridians.

The more that you sit with the poetic nature of five element theory, the easier it becomes to see the interconnectedness of our body, the world around us, above and below us.

Much love,

Ambha Amanda x

Ambha Amanda Roberts - Kinesiologist and Intuitive Healer, Mullumbimby, Australia

Ambha Amanda Roberts is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, educator and facilitator based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She offers Kinesiology sessions both in-person and via Skype/Zoom all over the world.

Ambha Amanda is the co-creator of Adventures of Staria, which includes a series of Staria cards, and an upcoming book for children (including inner children).

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