This is video 2 in my Liquid Crystals video series

The purpose of this series is to answer frequently asked questions from my clients, and for anyone else who is interested in working with The Liquid Crystals.

In this video, I answer the questions: What are the different ways you can take The Liquid Crystals remedies and what is the dosage?

This one is especially useful if you’ve already received a remedy and you can’t remember how to take them!

There are different ways we prescribe them – a trinity, a single crystal, a city or council of seven, or shadow realm crystals.

There’s a little bit of structure in the process of taking your Liquid Crystals remedy. This video should answer any questions you have if you’re not sure.

Dosage basics are…

  • 7 drops morning and night for 21 days
  • One crystal per day (if you’re taking a trinity)
  • If you’d like a supplemental dose during the day, you take 3 drops

You can read more about The Liquid Crystals over here.

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