This is video 3 in my Liquid Crystals video series

The purpose of this series is to answer frequently asked questions from my clients, and for anyone else who is interested in working with The Liquid Crystals.

In this video, I answer the questions: How do you work out which crystals you’re giving me in my remedy?

And it’s a good question. There are 77 crystals in The Liquid Crystals system and if you’re taking a trinity, then there are three different orders a crystal can be taken in.

So how do I work that out?

To be honest alongside my knowledge of the crystals and what they do, intuition plays a role as well as a little bit of magic. So it’s a combination of all of these that helps me determine which crystals you need in your remedy!

I include Liquid Crystals consults in Kinesiology sessions or offer stand-alone consults if you’d simply like a Liquid Crystal remedy.

You can read more about The Liquid Crystals over here.

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