{AUDIO} Integrating And Working With The Divine Masculine & Feminine

{AUDIO} Integrating And Working With The Divine Masculine & Feminine

This is part 2 of my Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine audio series!

Helping you to understand what these terms really mean, why they are important and how you can learn to use them in your own life.

Haven’t listened to Part 1 yet?

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Ready for Part 2?

In this episode I discuss self-perception, the programming and identity you were brought into the world with, and the filters you may be perceiving life through!

I also discuss how you can begin to unpack, observe and learn what’s really going on, and begin to integrate and find balance with your own masculine and feminine qualities.



And if you have other questions on this topic that you’d like me to explore in this series, please let me know.

Much love,

Amanda x

Amanda Roberts - Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer and Yoga Teacher, Melbourne, Australia Amanda Roberts is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, educator and facilitator based in Melbourne, Australia. She offers Kinesiology sessions both in-person and via Skype/Zoom all over the world

Amanda also facilitates the popular Facebook group - Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps - to support all highly sensitive people and emerging empaths.

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