Inner Circle by Cathy McClelland

Bear Medicine healing

Bear Medicine is strong!

I coincidentally wore a hoodie with a bear on it to the healing I received…

Perhaps my subconscious knew what was going on even if my conscious mind did not.

“Mother Bear often has the ‘lost souls’ of children and she tends them until they are returned to an individual during soul retrieval…

Bears symbolize introspection and intuition blended with instinct. To both European and Native American Shamanic people, Bear symbolizes awakening the strong force of the unconscious.

The strength of bear medicine is the power to restore harmony and balance – to heal. The Bear Spirit is known to many cultures as the Great Healer.

Bears are considered the Embodiment of Spiritual Power and Physical Strength.

Rarely seen, bears seemingly live as spirits, without a body – visible to the eye only as foot prints in the sand – traces of passing left behind by great mythical beings from the Land of Spirits.” ~ Shaman’s Way

I’ve never felt so deeply held

So supported and loved, as in the presence of Mama Bear.

Encompassed in the most expansive heart chakra energy imaginable, we lovingly untangled some important deeply suppressed aspects of Self.

So much healing and release contained within Mama Bear’s cave.

Working with truths my conscious mind has never seen fit to bring to the light of day, but which needed to be met anyway.

Today I am renewed

Rebirthed. Everything and nothing has changed. A whole new world begins and yet always was.

Shadows reclaimed, integrated and loved.

Much love,
Ambha Amanda x

Bear medicine artwork: Inner Circle by Cathy McClelland

Ambha Amanda Roberts - Kinesiologist and Intuitive Healer, Mullumbimby, Australia

Ambha Amanda Roberts is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, educator and facilitator based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She offers Kinesiology sessions both in-person and via Skype/Zoom all over the world.

Ambha Amanda is the co-creator of Adventures of Staria, which includes a series of Staria cards, and an upcoming book for children (including inner children).

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