How do you re-charge?

How do you re-charge?

There’s a whole lotta something-something in the air lately

Have you been feeling it, too?

It seems in almost every direction people are under the pump in one way or another.

And that pressure? We experience as stress, feeling anxious, worried or just plain old emotional.

Over a period of time, this is exhausting, living in the midst of The Busy.

And if you’re feeling constantly exhausted, overwhelmed and a bit cranky… it might mean you’re not taking the necessary time out to re-charge.

Re-charging is important, especially if you’re someone who’s always trying to do more, More, MORE.

Maybe you even feel as if your best is never quite good enough?

Here’s an analogy I like to use with my clients… and I do like analogies!

What if you were a car?

OR what if you were given this shiny, fancy new car when you were born and you were told (once you were old enough to understand)… this is it:

This is the ONLY car you’ll have for your entire life. 

What would you do with that car, eh???

How would you drive it? How often would you check the tyres? The water? The oil levels? How often would you get it serviced?

Would you put sump oil in the petrol tank? Or stuff that makes it run smoothly?

Would you expect the car to run on only a few drops of fuel most of the time?

Or would you take care of it, like it was gold? Like it had to last you the 80-90 years you’d need to use it?

Yeah, yeah… Go ahead and roll your eyes!

That’s what most of my clients do when I ask them questions like this.

Because it’s not news, really, is it? We all KNOW this stuff, yeah?

We know we’ve got just the one body to last us our entire life.

We know we “should” take care of it, it’s just that there’s so many other things to do, right?

And we feel FINE, mostly. Until we don’t.

We don’t re-charge as much or often as we really need

Yet when it comes down to it, we find ourselves taking desperate acts to “feel better”.

How many times have you felt you suddenly “need” that holiday so you can cope with your life?

And how often have you been in need of a mental health day? Or two?

There’s nothing wrong with doing any of this.

Only… wouldn’t it be great if you felt so in tune with your vehicle (i.e. body/mind) that on a daily basis you knew when you needed a rest, frolic in nature, take a nap, laugh, get a hug, etc.

Whatever you need to keep you balanced and aligned so you don’t have to burn out.

To keep you centred. Re-fill your reserves so that you’re never in danger of running on empty.

Speaking of which {ahem}… SOMEONE did exactly that with their car last week! I wrote about it over here on Facebook *cough*. Hehehe.

So, how DO you re-charge? And what else do you need?

Sometimes when I ask clients how much self-care they allow themselves… they’re stumped.

Or they tell me they DO get self-care; they just fit it right in between all the other things they’re busy doing.

DUDES AND DUDETTES: self-care isn’t meant to be squished in between all The Busy!

It’s about Stepping OUT of The Busy.

Slowing wayyyyy down, and disconnecting from the “what’s next”, even if it’s only for a little while.

And we need a little Stillness and Tranquility {a post on my Facebook page!}, don’t we?

Actually, nope. We need a LOT.

My own self-care routine includes things like…

  • Yoga and Kinesiology (but of course). I give myself Kinesiology balances, and do my own yoga practice.
  • BUT I also go and see my own Kinesiology practitioner, and head to yoga classes and workshops when I can. Coz we can’t do everything ourselves!
  • Meditating every darn day has become indispensable.
  • Massssssaggggggge. Is a must.
  • I’ve a foam roller, which is all kinds of awesome for getting tension out of hard-to-reach muscles. It’s basically DIY massage. 🙂
  • I paint my toenails and get pedicures.
  • I sing. I’ve created a “Happy Music” playlist on my phone that I add to periodically. It’s brilliant. Each and every song in that playlist lifts my mood.
  • Actually I chant, too. I regularly attend kirtan (call and response) chanting sessions in Melbourne. We call it “yoga of the heart”. 🙂
  • When I get a spare second, I practice playing my harmonium.
  • I stare at the moon, the clouds, the sea, and I really-truly hug trees. And plant my bare feet on the earth (especially now that it’s Spring).
  • I talk to ALL the dogs, cats and alpacas I meet out and about. As well as my own. I love animals and it makes me happy to connect with them.

Oh geez, and that’s just a short list.

Want some FREE self-care?

When you sign up to my newsletter, you’ll get 2x FREE meditation recordings.

Once you go through the confirmation rigmarole, you’ll get a link to a page where you can listen to them and/or download a copy for yourself.

They’re 15-20 minutes each, and y’know… Amanda-style: Fun. Light. Enjoyable.

Go get ’em, tiger!

So what’s in your regular self-care routine?

Got a list? Even one or two things you do to re-charge?


Much love,
Ambha Amanda x

Ambha Amanda Roberts - Kinesiologist and Intuitive Healer, Mullumbimby, Australia

Ambha Amanda Roberts is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, educator and facilitator based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She offers Kinesiology sessions both in-person and via Skype/Zoom all over the world.

Ambha Amanda is the co-creator of Adventures of Staria, which includes a series of Staria cards, and an upcoming book for children (including inner children).

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