Photo of a beautiful green snake


It’s how I imagine it might feel:

To shed one’s skin…



A pattern that at first, can’t be perceived as anything other than an oddity

Even by the witnesser
I lose my Self

By loosening my Self

And discover I was never what I thought I was!


And again
Once more comes the hour

That now familiar inner movement towards

The Source Spark

Inwards, always inwards

Another quickening

Offering Self to Self

Sadhana of light
My job: Witness the lila and allow the dance 💃

And *slither* when it’s time

Old skin, shed

New skin revealed… 🐍

Amanda x

Amanda Roberts - Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer and Yoga Teacher, Melbourne, Australia

Amanda (Ambha) Roberts is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, educator and facilitator based in Melbourne, Australia. She offers Kinesiology sessions both in-person and via Skype/Zoom all over the world.

Amanda facilitates the popular Facebook group - Empowerment for Sensitive Peeps - to support all highly sensitive people and emerging empaths. She is also the co-creator of Adventures of Staria, which includes a series of Staria cards, and an upcoming book for children (including inner children).

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