Conflation of ideas

Have you heard of the term conflation?

It’s defined as: “the merging of two or more sets of information, texts, ideas, etc. into one.”

Collectively this is one of our biggest problems

The assumption that information means something that it does not.

The main cause of this is fear, and choosing to believe one set of ideas over another.

This goes for all sides of the debate about whether this virus and pandemic are real or not real and all the topics related to this situation, too.

My constant passion for some time now (well before 2020) has been an investigation into the nature of reality.

What is real? What’s not real?

These questions are standard for spiritual aspirants. It’s one of the questions we investigate in meditation.

The over-arching answer from a spiritual perspective is “the only thing that’s real is that which doesn’t change.”

Which can be both helpful and unhelpful in our current times.

The past year has shown us that one person’s reality is not someone else’s

That alternative facts and realities co-exist side by side, whether we’re arguing about them or not.

Right now, it’s easy to get caught up in one version or the other of “the truth” about this pandemic.

But all of these stories, ALL of them, are based in fear.

Fear of…

Fear of death. Fear of control. Fear of the future. Fear of your safety. Fear of the government. Fear of loss of autonomy. And so on.

Our fears might be very real and valid to us, but it’s important to acknowledge what’s driving your beliefs. And that not everyone shares them, the same way that not everyone is afraid of sharks or allergic to animal fur.

Once you’re clear on your underlying fears, it’s a very good idea to examine and re-examine what you’re choosing to believe about Vx’s, the pandemic, the government, mask wearing, health and wellbeing and every other topic.

Because without a doubt, what “feels true” for you will be based on your personal biases, your personality, preferences, and your understanding and interest in your own health.

There are  people who are afraid of most things

Spiders, sharks, cats, dogs, germs, strangers, driving at night, and so on.

Someone who lives with a lot of fear is more likely to feel very threatened by this virus.

Especially if they also consume large volumes of mainstream media.

In general what I’m saying is this…

Your fears conflate ideas that resonate with them (left, right or middle ground etc) and so of course the “evidence” produced to support your point of view feels the most true.

How can it not?

An old teacher of mine liked to say: “There’s enough proof in the world to prove that anything is true”.

Your job is to keep questioning yourself and everything you’re reading and listening to.

Personally I’m not sure that any of the narratives out there are 100% accurate or true.

This is what I call living in the question mark, and for me, this feels more sane and real than believing any of the narratives being offered up by any source.

Go your own way.

And also, don’t run around calling people “sheeple”, or Covid deniers or anything else.

Less us versus them.

More sanity please.

Much love,

Ambha Amanda x

Ambha Amanda Roberts - Kinesiologist and Intuitive Healer, Mullumbimby, Australia

Ambha Amanda Roberts is a Kinesiologist, Intuitive Healer, educator and facilitator based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. She offers Kinesiology sessions both in-person and via Skype/Zoom all over the world.

Ambha Amanda is the co-creator of Adventures of Staria, which includes a series of Staria cards, and an upcoming book for children (including inner children).

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